Tuesday, September 19, 2006


¿Cómo lo digo? Spanish CD for travellers

‘¿Cómo lo digo?’ is a Latin American Spanish CD for travellers or foreigners who live in a Spanish speaking country. It is composed of 9 tracks, each of them gives you easy-to-learn vocabulary, expressions and phrases to communicate and be applied in real life situations. You can also read while listening as the CD set has a colourful pocket folding leaflet with all the contents in a bilingual version (Spanish/English).
Throughout it you will come across the following topics:

- Greetings
- At the restaurant (ordering, food vocabulary, asking price, etc)
- In the street (asking directions, prepositions of place, etc)
- In the store (clothing vocabulary, etc)
- In a taxi/travel agency (buying tickets, destinations, etc)
- At the hotel (room reservation, hotel vocabulary, etc)
- Making friends (introducing yourself, asking personal information, etc)
- Useful expressions (how to show happiness, interest, astonishment, etc)
- Numbers, days of the week, months.

Price US$11.90

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